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We bought some nice gems like Telefunken ECC801s, ECC802s and ECC803s.... Contact us for more info


New E88CC tubes!

We have new E88CC tubes in. Telefunken, Siemens and Philips. We are currently testing and matching. Contact us for more info


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What we do

Where do you get your tubes?

We buy our tubes from old company stocks mainly in Europe. These stocks can be large, thinks 1.000's of tubes or small lots if these are very rare types like Cca or ECC803s. Most of these tubes still live in their original cardboard box or wrap and could originate well around WWII.

We are mostly searching for Telefunken, Siemens, Philips, Valvo and Mullard tubes, but in large stock lots we will find also tubes from oter manufacturers.   

What does NOS and NIB mean?

To define the condition of the more than 50 year old tubes, there are some defacto definitions for this. To be clear about what we mean with these terms, here some explanation

Means New In Box Sealed. This means that the tube has it's original box and is still sealed in plastic or with a paper label. Telefunken for example is very known by it's plastic seal. Buying a sealed tube is one of the best ways to be sure you are the first one that will touch this tube.
Because of this seal, these tubes are not tested for specs!

This tube is new and has still it's original box. This box can have some defects, for example the flaps of these old cardboard boxes are very weak and can tear very easily when opened. The tube is new and tested for factory specs

New Old Stock. These tubes are new and test as factory new, but don't have the original box and come in a white box. The reason for not having a box can be that these tubes are from wholesale packages where they come in a matrix package or the box is damaged too much.

Tubes with this label are used, come in a white box and have specs that are still within the 'GOOD' range as defined by the manufacturer. These tubes are less expensive and a good way of trying out tubes.

How do you guarantee Quality?

We only buy tubes from well known nodes in our network. After receiving, these tubes will be examined for their authenticity and measured for their health and specs. All these electrical and physical specs are mentioned in the 'Product Details' tab.

To ensure 100% satisfaction for you as a buyer we have the special 60 days return policy. If the tube or tubes don't meet the quality you might expect, you can return them to us.  


Why do some of these NOS tubes have weak prints?

It is very common for NOS tubes have weak prints. The ink used for these tubes was never meant to last more than 50 years. Most of these prints get eroded over time and will smear off when touched with bear hands. Especially Telefunken tubes are well known for their weak labels.

So weak prints on the tube doesn't mean you have a used tube. Actually it is one of the ways to be sure you have a original tube and not a fake.

What we sell

We have a huge love for vintage Analog electronics. From single components to Gear, as long as it is vintage and has a history, a story. We love the stories behind the ancient factories, the inventors and marketing materials. Check our blog on this site for these stories. 

We sell vintage electronic components that are rare or hard to find. Think about tubes, integrated circuits, transistors, audio grade resistors  and capacitors, parts for repairing old radios, HiFi gear from home to studio grade gear.

We sell vintage gear like microphones, preamps, cables, etc. 

How we do it

We strive for a 100% satisfaction factor for our customers. We try to select our products with the upmost care and we can guarantee you:

* Check our warranty & return policy for more details

Testing our tubes

We test all tubes on our Amplitrex AT-1000 computerised tube tester. Expensive tubes will have the original test settings and result added as pdf reports to the product description.

For NOS/NIB tubes that mostly are part of a batch, we test samples to check the overall condition of the tubes.

Used tubes always get tested and the results will just be shown in the product description.

Before we ship, every tube is tested for their condition, except for the tubes that are still sealed with a plastic or paper label.

Amplitrex AT1000 tubetester
Testing a EL34 on the Amplitrex AT1000 tubetester

Testing Exotics

For tubes that can't be tested on the Amplitrex we use one of our other tube testers.

  • AVO CT160
  • FUNKE W19
  • HICKOCK I-177
  • uTracer

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