Neumann Pair of V476B Microphone...
Neumann Pair of V476B Microphone...

Neumann Pair of V476B Microphone Pre-Amplifier 70's


A real Neumann classic - developed in the '70s and built into the '90s. The V476 is the direct successor of the PMV70 and was build 100% discrete. Today the V476b is one of the most sought after mic preamps in the danner cassette format.

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The Neumann V476 was build 100% discrete with transistors. It has nice and huge Haufe transformers in the in- and outputs of the audio signal path. They are part of the reason why this amp sounds so good. The whole design is very high quality and the specs correspond to the request of the "ARD-Pflichtenheft" and the IRT.


- Transformer balanced inputs and outputs

- All discrete circuitry

- Up to 76 dB gain in 6dB increments

- Polarity reversal

- Gain fine tuning adjustment knob up to 10dB

- Phantom Power switch

- Selectable high pass filter at 80 and 140 Hz

- Needs 13-pin connector and 24DC psu (plus 48V DC for phantompower)

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