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Online Parts Outlet, the company that let to multiple webshops.

Our love for vintage and exotic electronics and music-related gear is the sole drive for starting up our company 10 years ago. Buying the complete stock of a 50-year-old electronic parts store that ended their business, started ours. Buying a lot with (vintage) musical instruments parts in the auction of a went-broke big instruments store made things move and we quickly started selling through the internet. Nowadays we have a big network of people that enable us to buy all kinds of vintage goodies from all over the world. So this is what we sell and buy  

  • Vintage electronic parts (capacitors, resistors, ic's, transistors, etc.)
  • Audio, radio, TV, and all kind of other vacuum tubes.
  • Vintage guitar parts
  • Vintage amp Parts
  • Vintage keyboard parts
  • Vintage guitar strings
  • Vintage music gear (mic's, preamps, tape echoes)
  • Mustard caps, Iskra resistors, AB resistors

Our Stock

We stock a lot of parts in their original boxes.

In the photo, one of the tube isles in our climate-controlled storage facility. Parts, in this case tubes, some almost 80 years old waiting for a new owner.

Our webshops

Electronic Parts Outlet
This webshop is all about vintage and exotic electronic parts.

Instrument Parts Outlet
For guitar, musical instrument parts, and other music-related gear, we collaborate with the Reverb platform.


Vintage Audio Parts
Our latest shop and the place to be for Exotic Audio tubes and HiFi related parts and gear.
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