2x13P Male Connector Solder Pins
2x13P Male Connector Solder Pins

2x13P Male Connector Solder Pins

Male connector, 26, Solder pin, 2.54 mm

Contact grid size: 2.54 mm

Contact version: Pin

Material of insulator: Thermoplastic polyester



Pin headers, type ..-0828.

With DIN 41651 polarity fins. Mates the female connectors described above. These pin headers are suitable for mounting the locking levers described below; Operating current: max. 1 A. Dieelectric strength: 500 VAC. Operating temperatures: -55 to +105 °C. thermoplastic polyester, self-extinguishing to UL 94 V-0. tin bronze, gold-plated. Grid: 2.54 mm. Dimensions: D 42.2, E 52.3 mm. Standards: DIN 41651, DIN 41611, UL, MiL-C-83503.

With 90° angle solder pins and snap-in polarity nose, type ..-0828../..-5102.

Type: 2-0828581-6, 26-pole, A 30.5/B 38.1/C 48.3 mm

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