Allen Bradley Carbon Composite...

Allen Bradley Carbon Composite Resistor JAN/MIL

Allen Bradley Hot Molded Fixed Carbon composite resistor.

These resistors have the perfect properties for the use in high-end audio.

RCR series conform MIL-R-39008 specifications

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These American-made carbon composition resistors were made in Wisconsin. These resistors are extremely rugged due to the hot molding process. The A-B resistors are highly recognized for their outstanding MIL-SPEC reliability, pulse withstanding, power dissipation, high-frequency stability, low inductance, rugged construction, and dependable performance.

These are the MIL/JAN spec RCRxxxxxxJS resistors (MIL-R-39008)

The standard resistance range of these superior hot molded carbon composition resistors is 1ohm up to 22M.

Temperature range works up to 70° C. The leads are oxygen-free copper leads.

These rugged, low-shocks, low-vibration resistors can be ordered in 5% tolerance (color code gold)

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