Mullard NOS Matched Pair ECC32 /...
Mullard NOS Matched Pair ECC32 /...
Mullard NOS Matched Pair ECC32 /...

Mullard NOS Matched Pair ECC32 / CV181 (6 / 8) 50's (Very rare)

Mullard Pair ECC32 / CV181 super balanced Matched Pair

A Matched pair of Mullard ECC32's (KB/DA).

Smoked glass, low D getter, brown base, round black plates.



These tubes are selected from a batch and have:

- within 5% balanced sections per tube

- within 5% match of sections for the pair

These tubes are tested ok for shorts and gas.

We test our tubes on a AVO Mark III tube tester and if required a computerized curver tracer (uTracer)

For older tubes we use a Hickok I-177.


settings: Va = 250V, Vg = -4.6V , Vh = 6.3 V

a good (NOS) tube test for: Gm = 2.3mA/V and Ia 6.0 mA


Tube 6: Ia1  = 7.00    Ia2  = 6.78

        Gm1 = 2.3     Gm2 = 2.3

Tube 8: Ia1  = 6.90   Ia2   = 7.10

             Gm1 = 2.25     Gm2 = 2.35

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