PHILIPS QQE03/20 - CV2799 double beam...
PHILIPS QQE03/20 - CV2799 double beam...
PHILIPS QQE03/20 - CV2799 double beam...

PHILIPS QQE03/20 - CV2799 double beam zend tetrode

QQE03/20 - CV2799 is a double beam transmitting tetrode.

Following the European pattern, a central flat cathode is surrounded by a split control grid (one half per valve), a common screen grid is wound next. The two beam forming plates can be seen either side of the central assembly. The anodes are finned for good heat dissipation and clearly separated from the central structures, the anodes are brought out to pin like top caps.

The heater runs at 6.3 Volts when both halves are in parallel or 12.6 Volts when in series. For 6.3 volts pins 1 & 7 are connected together with pin 5 as the other end. For 12.6 Volt operation the voltage is connected to pins 1 & 7 with pin 5 left unconnected


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